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At your difficult time, it's important to know that the firm you are choosing represents the highest of standards and professionalism. By the very nature of their association with ODFSA, they have shown their deep compassion towards attaining the highest standards for their families and communities. Their constant dedication to keeping themselves up to date on all of the latest legislative, consumer protection, advanced learning and caring practices is why you can choose an ODFSA Member firm with confidence.

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Strength in Membership

The strength in membership comes in the form of strength in numbers. ODFSA represents a coalition of professional family owned funeral homes who believe that a solid future for funeral service is based on the collective insight and dedication from caring professionals. This unified voice helps to shape and provide the professional standards that families and communities count on in their time of need.

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The death of a child is the single greatest fear of any parent. Imagine for a moment that after a long, emotionally draining and financially exhausting illness, the worst does occur. And you are faced with the reality that you do not have the financial means to bury your child – he or she might be forgotten.


Families with children with extended life limiting illnesses often sacrificed their income, mortgaged their homes, depleted their savings, maxed out their credit cards and lines of credit and borrowed from relatives, in an effort to spend one  more  day,  one  last  moment  with  their  dying child. Following the death of the child they are emotionally spent and financially traumatized.


To help these families, a group of volunteers from local funeral homes, cemeteries, funeral industry suppliers and CHEO gathered and formed The Unforgettables Fund, National Capital Region Chapter “TUF”.


TUF believes that every child is entitled to a dignified funeral. By assisting in taking the financial worry, TUF aims top help families stay focused on what is important, caring for their child.


In 2009, TUF began it’ endowment campaign goal of $ 500,000.00 which was accomplished in early 2017. It is believed that this Endowment held in trust through the CHEO Foundation will help families memorialize their child for decades and decades to come.


To learn more about TUF, please visit or contact the  chair, Bruno Carchidi by email at


The TUF committee wishes to extend its upmost appreciation to everyone who helped fulfill the endowment fund.


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