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At your difficult time, it's important to know that the firm you are choosing represents the highest of standards and professionalism. By the very nature of their association with ODFSA, they have shown their deep compassion towards attaining the highest standards for their families and communities. Their constant dedication to keeping themselves up to date on all of the latest legislative, consumer protection, advanced learning and caring practices is why you can choose an ODFSA Member firm with confidence.

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Strength in Membership

The strength in membership comes in the form of strength in numbers. ODFSA represents a coalition of professional family owned funeral homes who believe that a solid future for funeral service is based on the collective insight and dedication from caring professionals. This unified voice helps to shape and provide the professional standards that families and communities count on in their time of need.

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Past Presidents

1928-30                               Unknown

1930-31                                Roy Harris                                     Ottawa

1931-32                                Roy Harris                                     Ottawa

1932-33                                Roy Harris                                     Ottawa

1933-34                                Joe Patterson                                Carleton Place

1934-35                                Joe Patterson                                Carleton Place

1935-36                                C.L. Dickinson                               Kemptville

1936-37                                T. Eldon Veitch                              Ottawa

1937-38                                D. M. McPhail                                Renfrew

1938-39                                Jack Whelan                                  Ottawa

1939-40                                Keith Playfair                                  Ottawa

1940-41                                Unknown           

1941-42                                A.J. McEvoy                                   Ottawa

1942-43                                Jack Whelan                                  Ottawa

1943-44                                Charles V. Wellington                     Ottawa

1944-45                                Robert McMeekin                           Ottawa

1945-46                                Forrest Wallace                             Ottawa

1946-47                                Forrest Wallace                             Ottawa

1947-48                                Horace Racine                               Ottawa

1948-49                                A.L. Tubman                                  Ottawa

1949-50                                A.L. Tubman                                  Ottawa

1950-51                                Keith Playfair                                 Ottawa

1951-52                                Henri Gauthier                               Hull

1952-53                                Michael Shields                            Ottawa

1953-54                                Samuel Stewart                            Ottawa

1954-55                                Joseph Tubman                            Ottawa

1955-56                                R.K. Cochrane                              Renfrew

1956-57                                Marcel Robert                               Ottawa

1957-58                                Kenneth Draper                             Ottawa

1958-59                                Laird Barkley                                 Ottawa

1959-60                                Lorne Kelly                                    Ottawa

1960-61                                Harold Dunn                                   Ottawa

1961-62                                Wilson Colqahoun                           Perth

1962-63                                Ivan Lemieux                                  Ottawa

1963-64                                Clifford Lloyd                                  Ottawa

1964-65                                Clifford Lloyd                                  Ottawa

1965-66                                Lloyd Tubman                                Ottawa

1966-67                                Roch Lalonde                                 Ottawa

1967-68                                Léo Bélanger                                  Ottawa

1968-69                                Keith Rolston                                  Kemptville

1969-70                                Clem Smith                                     Arnprior

1970-71                                Keith Shaver                                    Ottawa

1971-72                                Hector Vaillancourt                           Ottawa

1972-73                                Patrick Whelan                                Ottawa

1973-74                                Duncan Lunam                                 Ottawa

1974-75                                Stanley Blair                                    Smith Falls

1975-76                                Robert Madore                                 Ottawa

1976-77                                James Purcell                                  Spencerville

1977-78                                Clive Weagant                                  Ottawa

1978-79                                Alan Barker                                      Carleton Place

1979-80                                Rob Lavern                                       Ottawa

1980-81                                Brian Kelly                                        Ottawa

1981-82                                Don Derry                                         Cornwall

1982-83                                Alex Caldwell                                    Ottawa

1983-84                                Maurice Prudhomme                         Ottawa

1984-85                                Reg Gamble                                     Almonte

1985-86                                Mike Riopelle                                    Brockville

1986-87                                Peter Vallee                                      Ottawa

1987-88                                Lorne Dewan                                     Ottawa

1988-89                                Julie Tubman                                     Ottawa

1989-90                                Phillippe Robert                                 Embrun

1990-91                                Doug Kennedy                                   Ottawa

1991-92                                Don Goulet                                        Renfrew

1992                                       Eldon Smith                                    Arnprior

1993                                       Michael Sheedy                              Ottawa

1994                                       Dan Albert                                      Ottawa

1995                                       Dan Sullivan                                    Ottawa

1996                                       Al Wilson                                        Cornwall

1997                                       Paul Lindsay                                   Ottawa

1998                                       Allan Wilson                                    Cornwall

1999                                       Bruno Carchidi                                 Ottawa

2000                                       Bruno Carchidi                                 Ottawa

2001                                       Sean Copeland                                Ottawa

2002                                       Kevin Costello                                  Perth

2003                                       Benoit Bazinet                                 Ottawa

2004                                       John Bowes                                     Ottawa

2005                                       Stacey Streng                                  Ottawa

2006                                       Patrick Larkin                                   Ottawa

2007                                       Barry McNulty                                  Ottawa

2008                                       Benoît Robert                                   Ottawa

2009                                       Matthew Wren                                  Brockville

2010                                       David Craig                                      Ottawa

2011                                        Matthew Brydges                             Renfrew

2012                                        Matthew Irvine                                 Kingston

2013                                        Paul Raymond                                 Ottawa

2014                                       Graham MacDonald                         Ottawa

2014-16                                   Curtis Hudson                                  Ottawa

2017                                       Brent Hill                                           Alexandria

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